Dorama Review: Shitsuren Chocolatier (2014)

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A new Matsujun's dorama! It's Shitsuren Chocolatier and 'Shitsuren' means 'Heartbroken' in English. Well, in this dorama review, I wanna use English, but my English isn't so good so please just understand it ( _ )
Okay, I actually not Matsujun's big fan, I only like one of his dorama, it's Hana Yori Dango (I've watched all season of it!) and I've watched his other dorama, it's titled Kimi wa Petto. But unfortunately, I don't really like it much, so I just watched a view episode, but I didn't watched it until the end.

So, back to the review. Shitsuren Chocolatier is one of my favorite dorama of this season. Well, at first I doesn't really interested with this dorama because I think there's too many females in this dorama, but finally I decided to watched it because they said it's good.

The story is about Sota Koyurugi (Matsumoto Jun) a boy that really loves a girl named Saeko Takahashi (Ishihara Satomi). Saeko really loves chocolate and Sota's father is a bakery owner, that's why Sota has a talent on making chocolate. One day, Saeko told Sota that she actually loves another boy. Well, Saeko is a 'playgirl' and Sota was a dumb too back then, and he begged for Saeko's love. Even though his valentine chocolate was rejected by Saeko too, he still not giving up. He went to Paris and became a great chocolate maker there, and then he back to Japan and made a great chocolate shop so Saeko will regret her decision back then.

I think this dorama is full of surprises! Well, it teaches us to be never give up for our eternal love, but in the other perspective, it teaches some bad things too. Despite of those moral value, of course we value the story of this dorama more right? Sometimes when I watched this dorama, I felt so annoyed by Souta's act to Saeko. Well, but that's the story... I really hope this dorama ends well, just like us, watchers wants. Because it's just so poor to see the other girls that love Souta too :p

Of course there will be many characters that make this dorama really good and fun. I think you should try this dorama if you like romance and comedy. Some comedies has successfully made my stomach hurts of laughing. lol. Especially because of Souta or Rikudou act in this dorama :p ..If you are Matsujun's fan, you should try this too :D

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