[REVIEW] Dye My Hair with Beautylabo Hair Color (Pure Beige)

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This is my first time coloring my hair. My urge to color my hair was since about six months ago, but I'm just afraid because my hair isn't good, it's really dry, and everybody says coloring makes ones hair become dry.. My hair is already dry, with hair color of course it will become more dry *can't imagine it :(

But because of my curiosity in hair dye, I finally tried it! I got this Beautylabo hair dye for free from Kawaii Beauty Japan. Thankyou KBJ !


Beautylabo hair color in Pure Beige
Back-side of the box


Inside of the box
(I think they put the gloves too, but I forgot to include it in this photo, sorry)

I choose the color pure beige (and now I quiet regret it because the color is not fair enough for my virgin hair.. I should've choose the blonde one)
I was not dye my hair by myself, I went to a salon near my house. It's really cheap, only Rp. 20.000 if I bring my own hair dye (so happy laa ^^).
Because I don't have any courage to dye my long hair by myself :(

Please read more to see the result on my hair


This is before I dyed my hair, I took this photo some months ago, but in the same place with my after-photo

Before Colored

After colored before shampooing

1-day after Colored


Well if you want a lighter color, don't choose this color, you should go with the natural blonde, but I think this color is enough if you want a dark brown color ^^
Personally, I don't really like this color ;_; But well for first attempt, I think it's okay :3

This hair colorant doesn't include an after treatment conditioner. But I think my hair isn't really dry (I'm using Pantene total damage care conditioner and L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil after shampoo)


This is how my hair looks like now under the bright sunlight

My conclusion: the color becomes lighter day by day :)

Price: IDR 47.000
Where to buy?
I've saw it at Lotte Mart Gandaria City and Taman Surya :)

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