Hong Kong Make Up / Cosmetic Haul 2015

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I went to HK and Macau with my family last week, it's a fun trip. We went there as backpackers lol. When I went to HK, of course there's only one place I really want to go... SASA ! When I see Sasa for the first time when I was at Macau Venetian. I went there immediately, and it's just looks like... HEAVEN OH GOD! But I can't buy too much things because I don't have so much money *student dilemma...

Okay without further ado, let's see my Hong Kong Make Up Haul!

It's really few, right? T_T

Because rupiahs rate are really low now, to buy things there are soooooo heavy for me... It's all so expensive :(  (at least for me). I will create a brief review for all of this things.

Please read more to see the details of my haul ^^

1. KOJI Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner III Deep Black
Price: HKD 79 (Rp. 137.000 approx.)

When I got this deep black dolly wink liquid eyeliner, oh got... It's just like a dream OMG.. Forgive me if I'm too hyperbola, but well.. that's the truth! I've wanted this eyeliner since I saw so many make up gurus use this eyeliner and it's a HG eyeliner for so many people. Until now, the most expensive eyeliner I've been use is only my mom's Kanebo ranee eyeliner, but now when I bought this eyeliner, this is the most expenive laa :"( .. Okay now in my opinion, this eyeliner is really smudgeproof and waterproof after it's dried. It's doesn't take to much time to dry either. Love it! When I was in HK, I use it everyday, from 9 AM till 11 PM !

 I bought this at Bonjour when I was at Senado Square Macau *Psst, It's more cheap to buy this at Bonjour than Sasa. At Sasa it's $95, but in Bonjour it's just $79. So happy to got this in a cheaper price :3

Me Using Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black
 2. KOJI Eyelash Fix Black
Price: HKD 15 (Rp. 26.000 approx.)

 I bought this at Sasa Supreme (at Causeway Bay) behind times square. It's the biggest and the most complete Sasa in Hong Kong. Surprisingly, there's not so many people at Sasa Supreme! I don't know why.. maybe because the location is not really strategic.

Back to topic, I almost never use fake eyelashes, but I want to learn to use it! So I bought this eyelash fix because I think it's quiet cheap. I've not use it yet but I will.. So the review will be delayed for this item.. sorry :p

3. KOJI Spring Heart Long Lasting Eyeliner Black
Price: HKD 35 (Rp. 60.000 approx.)

Bought this at Sasa in Mong Kok. It's the most crowded Sasa I ever been! Btw, I stayed at Mong Kok when I was in HK. It's a s u p e r c r o w d e d place, duh !

And again, I've not try to use this eyeliner yet, so the review will be delayed too :p
I've read so many good review about this eyeliner (they said it's pretty long lasting but not so pigmented), that's why I bought this.

4. Heroine Make Impact Frame and Curl Mascara Brown
Price: HKD 69 DISCOUNTED (Rp. 119.000 approx.)

I bought this at Sasa at Causeway Bay but not Sasa Supreme. One thing I can say about this mascara... A M A Z I N G !!
It can hold my curl last for a day! Love it really laaah ! 
Despite of the price... I don't love the price :(
I've wanted to try brown mascaras for so long, so I bought this.. and what's more is, it's discounted! Woohooo! From HKD 98 to HKD 69  

5. Etude House CC Cream in Glow
Price: HKD 69 DISCOUNTED (Rp. 119.000 approx.)

I'm sure so many of you already know about this product. I actaully wanted to buy the silky one, but I take the glow one by accident, so sad :( 
But it's okay, because they said the glow one is for dry skin, and my skin is dry, so i'm not really disappointed..
And what's more is, it's discounted again, yeay ! From HKD 138 to HKD 69 

6. EOS Lip Balm Lemon Drop
HKD 39 (Rp. 67.000 approx.)

Actually this is my friend's :P

Chap Ice Lip Balm
HKD 12 for 3 (Rp. 20.000 dapat 3)

Buy this because of the price.. But I don't really like the smell of this lip balm :(

 Sasatinnie Nail Polish
HKD 12 for 2 (Rp.20.000 dapat 2)

Have not try this yet, bought this because of the cheap price of course :P

So the total of my makeup haul is...... Rp. 501.000 (exclude EOS lip balm).
That's all of my cosmetics haul! Hopefully it will be any help for you who wants to go to HK and want to buy makeup :3

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