[REVIEW] A'PIEU Marker Pen Tint OR01 - All Day Orange

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Good day Everyone ! Today I want to tell you about this lip tint from A'pieu. I bought this directly from Korea (I ask my boyfriend's friend). It's unique applicator and it's very cheap price, was what attract me to buy this! So, here is my review :3

A'Pieu Marker Pen Tint

Shade OR01 (All-day Orange)
Swatch on Hand
Shade that I buy is OR01. It's an orange color with a slight hint of red.


This is what I like, the applicator! This marker-like applicator is surprisingly really convenient and really easy to use. The applicator is not soft, it's hard, but I have no trouble using it. I like this applicator more than regular doe applicator.


Swatch on lip
This is how it looks like on my lips. It's orange but there is some hint of red.



  • This lip tint is quiet longlast. If you only drink water or eat something that is not too oily, the color is still there.
  • It's pigmented. 
  • The price is really cheap too, it's a really good item for a really cheap price. 
  • I like the packaging too !


  • After eat something oily, it will gradually gone and if your lips dry, it will look ugly! (at least on my lips)
  • Quiet drying for lips

But still for the price, it's a good steal! I want to buy another shade next time.

So if you want a lip tint that easy to apply, not messy and has a good color, you should try this.

PRICE: 2600 won

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