[REVIEW] Missha M Magic Cushion (Brown) vs Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture (Sally)

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I've wanted to review this for such a long time, and finally after using this two product for some months, now I can share my thoughts about this two products to all of you. I want to compare this two product, the pros and cons, and which one I like more from this two.

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I'm sorry the Missha Cushion Sally photo is not good, I took it a long time ago before the Brown one using another camera. So the outcome was not really good.


Above : Brown Puff
Below: Sally Puff
The puff are quiet good blending the product on my face. I cleanse it using a soap bar. My Brown puff on this image is not yet cleansed, that's why it's really dirty! But the sally puff was just cleansed, that's why it looks clean. I recommend cleanse it at least one time per week (although I rarely do it too because I'm lazy. lol. I'm sorry my face).


From the picture above, you can see that both doesn't have a good coverage, I can say the coverage is low to medium but the coverage of Brown is higher than Sally.


Even though both are shade #21, but the color and undertone is different. Please take a look on the picture above, you can see the shade comparison between the two.

Both leans to be really light, but Brown #21 is more light and pale than Sally #21. 

I think Sally #21 is more natural on my face than Brown #21. 


Okay, most people bought this just because they like brown! Poor Sally... But now, let me do the comparison:

My skin type: Normal-combination (oily on the T-Zone)

☀ Missha M Magic Cushion (Brown): 

  • Good for oily skin (compared to the Sally one). Though I'm not really impressed with the oil control
  • Leave a powdery satin finish on the face (not really matte)
  • Coverage: 3/5
  • Can be really blotchy in a super humid weather. I went to Vietnam 2 weeks ago and I was using this product everyday. The weather there is super super hot! My makeup is already really blotchy, patchy, cracky and super yuck looking after 4 hours under the sun. Not to mention the oil on my T-Zone.. Even though I've set it with powder! Here I'll Show you how my blotchy face looks like after using this Missha Cushion Brown for 4 hours.

My blotchy face after using Missha Brown cushion for 4 hours.
Please click Right and "Open Link in New Tab" to see how blotchy it is.

☀ Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture (Sally): 
  • Good for normal-dry skin
  • Leave dewy natural finish but not overpowered. But you MUST set it with powder, at least on the T-Zone
  • Coverage: 2.5/5
  • I like this more than the brown one, because even though the weather is really humid, but it will not become like the brown one, which is super blotchy and patchy. But, it's still cracks on my smile line (there's no bb cream that can stand this until now). But at least, this Sally cushion doesn't make my face "yuck" looking like the Brown one :(


This is how my face looks like when using Missha M Magic Cushion (Brown)

I'm using Beuaty Story Luminous Primer which contains shimmer, that's why it looks more shiny 

This is how my face looks like when using Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture (Sally)

Have you decide which one you will buy?

PRICE: IDR 98.000 (Without Refill)
IDR 160.000 (With 1 Refill)

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  1. Where did you buy it with that price??? Thank you!

    1. I bought it on elevenia.co.id and shopee.co.id :)

  2. hasil dari chusion-nya bagus banget ya..


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